“The Rapist’s Dog” in Your Impossible Voice, Forthcoming 2017

“A Large, Black Egg” in DIAGRAM, Forthcoming 2017

“The Graft” in Queen Mob’s Tea House, November 2, 2017, Web Feature

How Many Clowns Will It Take To Stop Stephen King?” with Lam Ho in Maudlin House, Ocober 10, 2017, Web Feature

How My Heart Really Feels” in Cosmonauts Avenue, August/September 2017

“Scenes from Our Lives Together” in Portland Review, Spring 2017, Vol.63. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 

Dr. Dangle” in Fanzine, May 17, 2017, Web Feature

Baby” in The Boiler, Vol. 7, Issue 22

A Concise Manifesto from Your Hometown Southern Goths” in Pithead Chapel, Vol. 5, Issue 12

Mother’s Casserole” in Liminoid Magazine, Summer 2015

Theresa” in Hobart, August 15, 2015, Web Feature, reprinted in Knoxzine

Blue Madonna” in Capra Review, Fall 2015

My mother can always tell a done woman” in Cactus Heart, Issue 7, Spring 2014


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